Typhoon advice from Assist America

The effects of a typhoon on some trees.
Travel insurance

As thousands of people in the Philippines evacuate and airlines cancel domestic flights, bracing for Typhoon Mangkhut, Assist America has offered some advice to travellers to keep themselves safe from what is expected to be the biggest storm to hit the country so far this year.

Pacific Airlines, Cebu Pacific, CEGBO and Skyjet Airlines have cancelled all domestic and international flights for today and Saturday, and Assist America advises anybody who was scheduled to travel to the Philippines or nearby southeast Asian countries over the next few days to call their airline or travel agent in order to find out what their options are with regards to cancellation or rebooking.

Anybody in the path of the typhoon should follow the advice of local authorities and ask their hotel staff for details of their emergency plan. Anybody staying at a beach hotel is advised to evacuate to a higher altitude, inland location. Once the typhoon makes landfall, travellers have been warned not to go outside; shutters should be closed and people should stay away from windows.

Finally, said Assist America, tourists should assemble a disaster survival kit. Useful items include a torch (with extra batteries), a battery powered radio, a first aid kid, common medicines such as painkillers, glasses, drinking water, non-perishable foodstuffs, a change of clothes, cash and multiple copies of any important documents they are carrying.