Allianz to establish Innovation Centres

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Company brief

Allianz Partners has announced plans to establish a trio of ‘Innovation Centres’ to boost innovation in the travel, health and assistance spheres. This follows the launch of its Automotive Innovation Centre back in 2014; this centre has shown a great deal of success working with automotive manufacturers in fields such as driverless and connected cars and shared mobility, and Allianz hopes to put its expertise in the fields of travel, health and assistance to similar use in these new centres.

The three new facilities will bring in external contributors such as startups and established industry partners, as well as digital players, to ‘conceptualise, test and implement innovative processes, products and business models’, according to Allianz Partners. The Travel Innovation Centre will focus on digitising travellers’ customer journeys via new approaches to travel insurance; the Health Innovation Centre will work on developing advanced health and life service propositions; while the Assistance and Open Innovation Centre will work in areas such as digital risk, smart home propositions, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

“In an environment where the insurance market is constantly being challenged by technological evolutions and revolutions, Allianz Partners, thanks to its unique combination of insurance, service and technology, is further strengthening its commitment and capacity to innovate,” said Dan Assouline, Chief Market and Digital Officer at Allianz Partners.