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Travel insurance

In this month’s ITIJ, we ask what role travellers, insurers and healthcare providers alike can play in curbing the spread of infectious diseases common to travellers, particularly in the context of growing antimicrobial resistance; we explore how cover for terror-related events has developed and how insurers are working to meet travellers’ expectations in this regard; and we look at current efforts in the UK to ensure those with pre-existing medical conditions can find suitable and affordable travel insurance. We also hear from Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, and James Wood, Security Expert at International SOS and Control Risks, who discuss keeping mobile workers safe.

In our fourth edition of the International Hospitals & Healthcare Review, we bring you features on how disruptive blockchain could be for health insurance, and the growing popularity of visiting doctor services. We also feature an interview with Dr Nicolette Louissaint, Executive Director of Healthcare Ready, an organisation that works to safeguard patient health by functioning as a partnership between private sector healthcare and public sector health and emergency management; and Sigal Atzmon, CEO at Medix Global, sheds light on technological trends that are creating the future of healthcare.

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