Half of Brits put holidays at risk

Travel insurance

New research from UK insurer Aviva has found that half of all UK holidaymakers do not purchase travel insurance when they book their holiday.

Aviva estimates that 26 million put their travel plans at risk by not immediately covering their travel plans with insurance. A quarter of British holidaymakers leave the purchase of insurance until shortly before the holiday, the study found, while two per cent left it until right before their trip and 23 per cent purchased no insurance at all.

The research also showed that travellers were still confused as to what their insurance policy covers, with 12 per cent believing that it will pay out if their pet dies the day before their holiday, six per cent believing they’ll be covered if they oversleep and miss their flight, and four per cent believing that they’ll be reimbursed if they miss their flight due to spending too long shopping at the airport.

“Brits are getting prepared for their well-deserved summer holiday by making sure they have all they need for their getaway, but our research shows that buying travel insurance isn’t always top of the list,” said Adam Beckett, Product and Propositions Director at Aviva UK General Insurance. “With almost half of people not getting insurance when they book their holiday, they risk not being able to get their money back if they need to cancel.  And with the average Brit spending £1,500 on holidays this year, that’s a lot of money to potentially lose.”

Aviva’s study further found that medical claims were top of the list for travellers in 2017, making up 33 per cent of claims. Cancellation cover came a close second (28 per cent), while claims for lost or stolen personal items or baggage rounded off the top three (13 per cent).