Markerstudy app adds travel insurance

Company brief

Markerstudy has announced that it has added travel insurance to its TRICE app.

The offering joins annual motor, temporary motor, gadget and pet insurance, and will be underwritten by White Horse Insurance. Markerstudy claims that it can offer customers a quote within 60 seconds using its app. The travel insurance product will include access to a round-the-clock UK GP as standard, as well as the option to add cover eight hours after arriving at a destination.

“I’m delighted to welcome travel onto the app,” said TRICE Business Development Director Sam Edge. “It’s perfect for the holiday season and really boosts the current portfolio. Developing the travel offering with White Horse Insurance has added both a unique and extensive product and buying experience for the customer. I would also like to thank Phil Denman, Managing Director of Healix, who was instrumental in helping us form this new partnership.”