Australia travel advice from Aquarium

As Australia’s popularity grows, Aquarium Software has advised travellers from other English-speaking countries to be careful.
Travel insurance

As Australia’s popularity as a destination for both short and extended holidays, as well as gap years, grows, Aquarium Software has advised travellers from other English-speaking countries to be careful. The common language and other familiar similarities may make a destination seem manageable and safe, but this sense of security is false – and comprehensive travel insurance is a must.

Most people are aware of the many dangerous creatures that make Australia their home, from the world’s most poisonous jellyfish to huge spiders and snakes, but there are also risks such as rip tides, sun stroke and dehydration to contend with, Aquarium advises. A number of British holidaymakers have died while diving the Great Barrier Reef and the cost of a repatriation from Australia to the UK would most likely be prohibitively expensive for the average traveller.

“Shared language and recognisable culture can make ‘western’ destinations like Australia seem like home from home, which is why [British travellers] love it,” said Aquarium Software Director Mark Colonnese. “But complacent travellers forget they are in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home should anything go wrong. Australia is an enormous continent as well as a country, and with one in every five internal flights between the two largest cities running late, insurance makes sense. Extreme weather events are not uncommon, so there’s a myriad of reasons why travel cover down under is a no-brainer.”

The good news, he said, is that ‘distance is no longer a barrier to technology’: “Smart technology can keep you in direct contact with your insurer should you find yourself in trouble. Clicking onto your smartphone bypasses the need to dig deep to the bottom of your case for instructions how to call home. And geolocation helps your insurer automatically validate the validity of your claim, enabling it to focus on your immediate needs and pointing you in the right direction for local territory assistance.”