InsureMyTrip shares claims denial advice

Comparison site InsureMyTrip has offered some insight into the most common reasons that claims are either delayed or denied.
Travel insurance

As oft reported by ITIJ, both in print and online, understanding of travel insurance among the travelling public remains frustratingly low. In response to this, comparison site InsureMyTrip has offered some insight into the most common reason that claims are either delayed or denied, in the hope that consumers will take a closer look at the small print of their policies and be mindful of exactly what is and isn’t covered.

According to the industry data analysed by InsureMyTrip, there are six common scenarios in which a claim will be denied. The first is that the reason for cancelling a trip is not covered under the policy. The second is that pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. Failure to meet the definition of being sick or injured under the terms of the policy is also common, as is the claim not meeting the specified timeframe in order to qualify for flight delay compensation. Missed paperwork, inaccurate information or the wrong claim form being submitted will rarely lead to a satisfactory outcome for a consumer making a claim, and travellers are also advised that failure to seek medical treatment during a trip immediately after falling ill or sustaining injury may also invalidate their claim.

In summary, InsureMyTrip urges travellers to ensure they have all necessary paperwork and documentation well in advance of making a claim, including any medical documents and police reports pertinent to the case. They should also ensure they understand the wording of their policies before travelling, remember to buy coverage early to be certain they will benefit from time-sensitive benefits, and be mindful that major events such as hurricanes will more than likely result in delays when claims are being processed.

We can only hope that travellers heed this essential advice.