Expedia looks to save customers pennies


Travel bookings website Expedia has announced that it will be offering its customers a new service that will allow them to book discounted hotels after they purchase their flights.

After a recent survey found that 46 per cent of US travellers prefer to book their flights and hotels separately, Expedia decided to launch Expedia Add-On Advantage. Customers will be able to book a hotel any time after booking their flights.

“We want to alleviate that pressure so travellers can take their time researching neighbourhoods, comparing hotel amenities, reading guest reviews, etc. So, our rationale for the Add-On Advantage is really an adjustment to our current offering with the aim to better serve travellers,” Aaron Price, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Brand Expedia, said.

According to Price, this move will also lead consumers to save, on average, 43 per cent, giving Expedia a competitive advantage.