2018 Cost Containment Review out now

Travel insurance

In ITIJ’s 2018 Cost Containment Review, we get to the heart of some of the key issues relating to how costs are controlled in the global travel and health insurance industry. From an assessment of the value of startups and the return on investment related to new technologies, to a look at how rising medical expenses are putting pressure on insurers in the IPMI arena, the Cost Containment Review gets the inside view from industry experts.

Also in this issue, we look at how catastrophic claims are managed, get the latest on an ongoing legal case in the US that highlights current thinking around reference-based pricing plans as a cost containment model, find out how subrogation is best approached, and talk to Sylvain Charpilienne, Cost Containment Director and Head of Case Management for April International in France.

To read the Cost Containment Review click here.

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