Update on Zika risk

Update on Zika risk

Travel Health Pro, which comprises the travel health resources of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC), has informed travellers that, as of 5 June 2018, a number of changes have been made to the country risk category for Zika virus transmission.

Nicaragua, which was previously moderate risk, is now high risk. The Netherlands Caribbean islands are now moderate risk – previously some islands in this group were classified as high risk. Hidalgo County in Texas, US, and Marshall Islands, which were previously moderate risk, are now low risk.

Travel Health Pro summarised current travel advice according to Public Health England/NaTHNaC Zika risk rating. Pregnant women are advised to postpone non-essential travel to high risk areas and to consider postponing non-essential travel to moderate risk areas. If travel is essential, advice is to be aware of the risk, be scrupulous with insect bite avoidance and seek advice from a GP on return, even if travellers have not been unwell. All travellers are advised to avoid mosquito bites and seek medical advice if they experience symptoms of Zika virus infection.