UK issues new travel warning for Turkey


The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its travel advice for those travelling to Turkey, warning that the upcoming parliamentary elections could put holidaymakers in danger.

In the latest advisory, the FCO has warned that the elections may lead to mass demonstrations within the country and told tourists to avoid large gatherings and follow the advice of the local authorities. Additional security measures may be in place at airports when entering the country, the advisory stated, while Turkish authorities are stopping members of the public in busy areas such as Istanbul to conduct ID checks. Travellers have been told to comply with security checks from local authorities and to keep their passport and a copy of their e-visa or residence permit with them at all times.

Terrorist attacks are also ‘very likely’ during this period, with possible ‘indiscriminate’ attacks being carried out in the south and east of the country, as well as in Ankara and Istanbul. “Attacks are most likely to target the Turkish state, civilians and demonstrations,” the FCO continues. “Nevertheless, it’s likely that some attacks will also target western interests and tourists from western countries, particularly in the major cities.”