Volcano advice for travellers

Allianz Partners UK has offered some advice for British holidaymakers heading to ‘Big Island’.
Travel insurance

Allianz Partners UK has offered some advice for British holidaymakers planning on heading to the volcanically active ‘Big Island’ in Hawaii.

While first and foremost advising travellers to contact travel agents, tour operators and carriers for information about potential disruption, Allianz Partners has also directed holidaymakers towards the UK Foreign and Commonwealth’s travel advice for the island.

“There has been volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island,” the site states, “and some local residents have been evacuated. British nationals in the area should monitor local media reports and follow the advice of local authorities, including any evacuation orders. For further updates see the State of Hawaii’s website. To learn more about what to do before, during and after a volcano, visit the Federal Emergency Management website.”

Barry Smith, Allianz Partners UK’s Travel Insurance Underwriting Manager, has also advised travellers of how things might shake out if their trip is cancelled or disrupted: “For customers yet to travel, if your outward trip is cancelled, you should be able to obtain a full refund of your trip from the tour operator or carrier. In these circumstances, if you have a single-trip policy and are no longer travelling or making a claim, a full refund of the premium paid may be obtained from the issuing agent. If your outward flight is changed and you are still travelling and you have a single-trip policy, the policy dates may be amended to reflect the new travel dates. In this instance, please contact your issuing agent to advise of the new details.”