Millennials prioritise green air travel


Millennials are hoping that business air travel has an exciting future, with a new survey from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) finding that environmentally friendly aircraft, ride-sharing and the ability for travellers to fly where and when they want are top priorities.

‘Expanding Horizons: How Millennials see the Future of Business Aviation’ was conducted with co-operation from ThinkYoung, and polled travellers aged between 18 and 24 from Germany, France, the UK and Switzerland about mobility, business aviation and the future of sustainable personal air transport.

It found that 40 per cent perceive climate change as being the main factor that will affect air travel in the future, especially the development of sustainable personal air transport. Artificial intelligence and digitisation were also seen as main factors that will shape the aviation industry in the future.

In addition, the sharing economy is seen as a key influencer in the future of business air travel, with 62 per cent of millennials saying they are ready to use a ride-sharing air service to head to their destination. However, only 46 per cent said they would currently be willing to use an automated ride-sharing air service.

EBAA Chairman Jürgen Wiese said: “Integrating the next generation into our industry is paramount for the sector to master the transition into the next age of aviation. This report shows how this can be done and is just a starting point for many more encounters to follow. We are committed to listening and engaging with millennials to expand our horizons together.”