Malta number one for LGBTQ travel

Malta has been ranked the number one destination for LGBTQ travel.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) has ranked Malta as the number one destination in its European Rainbow Travel Index 2018. It is the third consecutive year that the country has been named the friendliest destination for LGBTQ holidaymakers.

The Index ranked Malta first out of 49 European countries, awarding it 91 per cent in recognition of the laws and policies related to its LGBTQ community, and the lifestyle members of the community are free to enjoy. When ranking countries, it takes into account legal gender recognition, the rights of family members and marital partners, and the right to asylum. Last year, same sex marriage was legalised in Malta, and this year has seen the introduction of gender-neutral passports.

“We are thrilled that Malta has once again been heralded as the number one destination for LGBTQ travellers in Europe,” said Peter Vella, Director UK & Ireland, Malta Tourism Authority. “The Maltese have always been proud to welcome the LGBTQ market to their island. Malta holds a unique combination of traditional and historical culture with a contemporary and welcoming mindset towards LGBTQ travellers and we are delighted to be setting an example for other European countries.”