Travellers held back by anxieties

stressed traveller

Recent research from travel fare aggregator has revealed that two-thirds of travellers believe that they are not making the most of their trips.

The company aimed to uncover what anxieties and barriers are holding travellers back from a ‘state of truly limitless travel’, interviewing around 20,500 travellers globally. According to the findings, travellers have a strong desire to make the most out of their trips, with 78 per cent claiming they want to travel with no regrets. Specifically, travellers look to experience new cultures (62 per cent), taste local cuisine (51 per cent), stay in new places (39 per cent) and meet new people (33 per cent).

However, the language barrier encountered when travelling abroad seems to hold nearly a third of travellers back on trips, with 20 per cent even admitting that they are worried about getting lost and not being able to speak the local language. Good accommodation was also a priority for travellers, with 37 per cent saying that they would feel less nervous about travelling if they had great accommodation options. Positive reviews from other travellers (35 per cent), being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (26 per cent and 23 per cent) and being able to order their favourite food (22 per cent) also would help to settle travel nerves.

Despite these worries, over half of respondents said that the best thing about travel is getting outside of their comfort zone. Unique travel experiences also excite travellers with volunteering trips (39 per cent), gourmet adventure (38 per cent) and mystery trips (38 per cent) topping the list of trips travellers would like to go on but haven’t previously.

“Travel can fulfil dreams, exposes us to new experiences, and ultimately enriches our lives for the better,” Pepijn Rijvers, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at said. “Not only do we want to connect travellers with amazing places to stay, but we also provide knowledge and advice about a destination so that no matter where you choose to go, you can feel inspired to see more, go further and embrace every amazing opportunity along the way.”