Australia tourism booming, mate

Australia tourism is booming.

New figures show that Australia’s tourism industry is booming. According to data from Australian holiday specialists Austravel, 2016 saw visitor arrivals rise by 37 per cent compared with 2012, totalling 8,263,000.

These numbers are especially impressive when placed next to equivalent data from the UK and the US, which saw rises of 21 per cent and two per cent over the same period. Australia has enjoyed a 45-per-cent increase in the number of personal holidays taken in the country, with approximately 6,637,000 taken in Australia in 2016 compared with the 4,577,000 taken in 2012, and business travel has also seen a 12-per-cent leap.

Additionally, according to Australia’s tourism authority, international tourism contributed AU$41.3 billion to the country’s economy in 2017, representing six-per-cent growth compared with 2016.