Virgin Atlantic signs risk software deal

Osprey Flight Solutions will provide airline Virgin Atlantic with risk assessment software.
Company brief

Osprey Flight Solutions, a recently launched provider of aviation security solutions based in the UK, has announced a deal to provide airline Virgin Atlantic with risk assessment software.

Virgin will now have access to Osprey’s Flight Risk Assessment System, which will enable the airline to instantaneously perform risk assessments on each of its flights using advanced data gathering, machine learning and analytics. Integrating the software into Virgin’s flight planning system will, according to Osprey, heavily streamline a very complicated process; Osprey makes use of over 200,000 data sources in 60 languages, and once corroborated, categorised and geo-located, individual items of data are then submitted to a database containing more than 380,000 aviation security and safety incidents, so that patterns can be detected.

The machine learning element means that the system is constantly improving itself, providing a consistently up-to-date picture of the security situation in the air.

“Data-led analysis is the future of risk management for the aviation industry,” said Nigel Williams, Head of Security at Virgin Atlantic, “and is now a key element of our security and risk decision making.”