Travellers return to Egypt and Turkey

the pyramids

UK travel operator Thomas Cook has found that trips to Turkey and Egypt by UK holidaymakers almost doubled in the last year.

In its Thomas Cook Holiday Report 2018, the travel agent found that it has sold 89 per cent more holidays to Egypt and 84 per cent more trips to Turkey than at the same point in 2017. This means that visitor numbers to Egypt are now near the same levels for Thomas Cook as in 2015. Travellers to Egypt are almost entirely heading to the Hurghada and Marsa Alam areas.

The travel operator states in the report that Turkey’s popularity is partly down to a high number of return customers – with 18 per cent of those booking having also visited in 2017. Coupled with the cheaper prices in the country, plus the abundance of quality all-inclusive resorts, this means that the country’s tourism trade is likely to keep growing. Furthermore, 61 per cent of bookings were from families, suggesting that many perceive the country to be a lot safer than previously.

Tunisia could be the next country to experience tourists returning en masse, Thomas Cook predicts. Three weekly flights were reintroduced to Hammamet in February of this year, with the first round of flights quickly selling out; Thomas Cooks says that bookings have since continued to be strong. Thomas Cook Airlines has increased its weekly number of flights to 11 during summer 2018 in response to the demand.