Tech could help with winter peak time

tech on the slopes
Travel insurance

UK-based specialist industries software developer Aquarium Software has asserted that tourists need to use technology more during winter peak times to help make travel insurance policies cheaper.

With one claim per 67 holidays during peak winter times, Aquarium pointed out the need for all traveller policy information to be easily assessable in case of a claim – especially as most travellers admit to not reading their policy small print. It also warns travellers that although new technologies can help to speed up the claims process, having the basics – an EHIC and insurer’s 24-hour support number – can be just as important.

“We all have a part to play in keeping travel claims down and contacting your insurer as soon as a problem arises is a big part of that,” said Aquarium Software Director Mark Colonnese. “Given the huge costs associated with medical care and repatriation, technology is already being used to identify medical conditions before people travel, but the last thing anyone needs is to realise they are not covered while overseas. Being ill away from home is always stressful, but contacting your insurer immediately can often cut costs and improve treatment times significantly.”