YF vaccination insufficient in Brazil


Brazil’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised the populations of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia to ensure that they are vaccinated against yellow fever.

This is because the states are falling short of the 95-per-cent vaccination coverage required to adequately protect the population from the disease. Existing rates are between 41 and 55 per cent.

“From 1 July 2017 until 10 April 2018, the Ministry of Health registered 1,127 confirmed cases of yellow fever,” MOH said in an update. “In total, 5,052 cases were reported, of which 2,806 were already discarded and 1,119 were still under investigation … the yellow fever virus today circulates in metropolitan regions of the country with the largest population, reaching 35.6 million people living in areas that have never had a recommendation of vaccine.”

Travellers are advised that proof of vaccination may be required of any traveller entering or leaving an area at risk of yellow fever transmission.