Aetna and Humanis sign healthcare deal

New healthcare partnership for Aetna and Humanis.
Company brief

Global health insurance provider Aetna International (Aetna) has entered a new strategic partnership with insurance group Humanis in France. The deal is intended to provide large corporations and French expatriates with more efficient and accessible global healthcare solutions.

Existing Humanis members will now have access to Aetna’s global medical network and its range of health insurance packages. Members will benefit from better controlled healthcare costs in the US, and solutions that meet the regulatory requirements of regions such as the UAE; a single sign-up process and point of contact will provide a streamlined customer journey.

Aetna will also benefit from the partnership as it will expand its footprint in continental Europe, with Humanis as a guide. The deal, said Aetna CEO Richard di Benedetto, ‘comes at the right time’: “[It] is part of our strategy to provide local services to our members worldwide, while adapting to national and regional disparities. We look forward to working together with Humanis on improving quality and access to healthcare for our members around the world.”

Sylvaine Emery, Director of International Activities at Humanis Group, said that the agreement is part of her company’s ‘open-architecture approach’ to such partnerships, and ‘reinforces our ambitions in the development of our international mobility business’.