Malaria cases high in Angola


In Angola, the four provinces of Luanda, Benguela, Uige and Bié have recorded 400,000 of the nation’s year-to-date 720,000 malaria cases.

In Luanda, the capital of Angola, there have been 177,029 cases and 278 deaths. There have been 90,896 cases and 348 deaths in Benguela, 69,164 cases and 250 deaths in Uige and 65,068 cases and 324 deaths in Bié.

The disease is responsible for the most deaths, hospitalisations and absenteeism in the country and measures are being implemented to tackle the disease burden.

Travellers are advised that Africa presents a significant malaria risk and that they should discuss their itinerary and the need for anti-malaria medication with a trained travel health professional.