Australia hit hard by Debbie


Cyclone Debbie, which struck the coast of Queensland, Australia, on 28 March 2017, is officially the second most damaging cyclone in the country’s history, with insured losses of over AU$1.71 billion. The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) said that only Cyclone Tracy, which hit Darwin back in 1974, was costlier.

“It’s the most expensive cyclone to have ever hit Queensland,” said Campbell Fuller, General Manager of Communications at ICA, “and nationally it is second only – in today’s dollars – to Cyclone Tracy.”

Since Debbie hit, insurers have received 10,117 business and 64,951 domestic claims, according to the ICA, and Fuller said that ‘policyholders are still lodging claims’. However, he added, while some challenging claims remain, overall the response from insurers has been very efficient.