Aquarium urges TI re-think

Travel insurance

Aquarium Software, responding to the results of a new online YouGov poll conducted on its behalf, has urged British travellers to re-think the importance of travel cover. According to the poll, 79 per cent of respondents do not have an annual travel insurance policy, and only 11 per cent make use of single-trip policies when travelling, and Aquarium Director Mark Colonnese has suggested that while travellers need to think hard about getting coverage, the industry also needs to step up in terms of its use of technology, which could be utilised to get a more effective message across to ‘time poor consumers’.

“The rise of the packaged back account has seen annual cover come more to the fore, but with only one-fifth of us with this type of cover and just over one-tenth with single trip insurance, far too many travellers out there have no cover at all,” said Colonnese. “Our YouGov figures show that less than half of us are covered by any travel insurance; clearly the industry has to do more to demonstrate to consumers the value of comprehensive cover. Furthermore, smart apps need to make it much easier for consumers to purchase the right cover for specific trips and activities.”
While there is always a danger with online surveys that the nature of the participants can lead to sample bias, the point about the travel insurance industry’s PR problem is a valid one. Brands are still struggling to communicate the importance of their product, and to dispel the negative perceptions around it, and shrewd use of technology certainly has the potential to turn this around.

“Given that 56 per cent [of our respondents] think use of technology should be improved by insurance companies, the industry is pushing at an open door,” added Colonnese. “There is an opportunity here to develop market share, while at the same time, ensure that people’s holiday dreams don’t turn into avoidable nightmares.”