Insurtech partnership for Clyde & Co

Company brief

International law firm Clyde & Co has announced that it will now act as the exclusive legal partner of US-based Hartford InsurTech Hub, an insurtech accelerator powered by Startupbootcamp InsurTech. The law firm will offer advice and support to all startups operating under the Hartford programme umbrella, helping them to navigate any legal issues they may encounter in the course of their development and operation. Clyde & Co has specialist experience in the insurance market, and it is hoped that its expertise will enable Hartford startups to operate more smoothly and comprehensively deal with issues such as incorporating different jurisdictions (not all the startups are based in the US) and navigating regulatory hurdles.

“We are delighted to be working with Hartford InsurTech Hub,” said Vikram Sidhu, Partner at Clyde & Co, “and hope to provide guidance to the startups on their most pressing legal challenges and be part of the development of their businesses. By providing legal mentoring, clinics and resources on insurance regulation and corporate matters, we aim to help the startups navigate the world of insurance laws and regulations as they launch their dreams.”