Italy increasingly popular for tourists


Italy stands loud and proud in the top five most commonly chosen tourist destinations for global travellers, according to the latest Visa Global Travel Intentions report. The report, by American multinational financial services corporation Visa, took in responses from 13,500 tourists from 27 different countries and found that Italy, Thailand, Japan, the US and Australia are increasingly popular destinations, and will continue to be so for at least the next couple of years.

Breaking the results down into regions, Italy was the second most popular destination cited by European tourists, with 20 per cent of preferences, after Spain (24 per cent). In the US, Italy was equal with France, with 15 per cent, while in the EMEA region, it took joint fourth place with Turkey (six per cent).

The report also found that tourists are generally taking shorter trips, but making them more frequently, and while European tourists focus on culture and good weather, Americans focus on activities and culture, Asia Pacific travellers on accessibility and familiarity, and EMEA travellers on activities and budget.