Travellers reminded to buy early

Travel insurance

New analysis from AA Ireland has found that around a third of travel insurance claims are made before a traveller’s trip.

Examining its claims data since 2012, AA Ireland found that 30 per cent of claims were lodged due to travellers needing to cancel or curtail their plans before departure. AA Ireland says that in 2017 alone, 859 of its 2282 travel insurance claims were for this reason.

AA Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan reminded travellers to purchase their insurance long before they head off, saying not doing so is ‘exceptionally risky’. He continued: “The most important thing for holiday-goers, wherever they choose to buy their travel insurance, is to ensure that it includes cover pre-departure.”

The data also found that unexpected medical expenses incurred whilst away made up around 20 per cent of claims, whilst in 2017 one in seven claims were due to lost baggage.

“If you look into it, travel insurance covers so many of the ‘worst nightmares’ we have when it comes to going on holiday, yet many people opt to take an exceptionally large risk by going abroad without any cover,” Faughnan added. “When you consider how much many of us spend on our annual holiday or even short trips abroad during mid-term in comparison to the cost of travel insurance it almost becomes common sense that you should have cover in place.”