Yellow fever rises


An increase in human yellow fever cases has been reported in two states in Brazil.

According to a recent Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Epidemiological Update, in São Paulo, 57 per cent of the confirmed cases had the probable place of infection in a rural area of the municipality of Mairiporã.

In Rio de Janeiro, meanwhile, 45 per cent of the confirmed cases are residents of the municipalities of Valença and Teresópolis.

The outbreak toll to date is 545 cases and 164 deaths. With an increase in the number of disease outbreaks in animals, PAHO has warned of the risk of a repeat of the 2008 situation when yellow fever spread beyond Brazil’s borders to Argentina and Paraguay.

The disease is mosquito borne and is found in tropical and subtropical areas in Central/South America and Africa. Under the International Health Regulations , proof of vaccination may be required of any traveller entering or leaving an area at risk of yellow fever transmission.