Pursuing health blockchain solutions


Health technology company ODH, Inc. has joined forces with healthcare blockchain innovation company Hashed Health to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for payers and providers in order to improve patient care.

ODH will spearhead Hashed Health’s Value-Based Care Working Group, which is a collective effort aimed at accelerating the industry’s transition to value-based care through the adoption of practical blockchain solutions, such as improving quality measures via payer and provider collaboration.

“Blockchain technologies hold a great deal of promise for managing and securing patient data, enabling greater payments efficiency and bringing together disconnected parties across the health care ecosystem,” said Michael Jarjour, President and CEO of ODH. “Making those goals a reality requires teamwork among healthcare organisations. That’s why we believe in, and are excited to be a part of, the collaborative model provided by Hashed Health.”

 “ODH’s focus on addressing behavioural and physical health comorbidities brings a unique perspective to our initiatives,” said Hashed Health CEO John Bass. “At the same time, ODH will benefit from the technical and business model innovation resources at Hashed Health, as well as exposure to our firm’s growing global community of partners and their collective expertise.”