Ongoing response to cholera in Mozambiqu


The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with partners to contain an ongoing outbreak of cholera in Mozambique. In October 2017, WHO was informed by the Ministry of Health in Mozambique of a cholera outbreak in the country, and from 14 August to 11 February, 1,799 cases and one death were reported.

The outbreak, which has been confirmed by rapid diagnostic tests and culture, started in Memba district in the north-eastern province Nampula and spread to Erati district by 15 October 2017. It had spread to two further districts in the same province (Nacaroa and Nampula city) by 19 November.

Ongoing measures to contain the outbreak include: a weekly co-ordination meeting at the national level to discuss the ongoing response, which is led by the Ministry of Health; multi-sectoral co-ordination; training on case management and surveillance in Nampula and Cabo Delgado provinces; efforts to improve water quality, sanitation conditions, and hygiene practices in the affected districts; and social mobilisation and risk communication activities.

WHO has not recommended any restrictions on travel and trade to Mozambique based on the information available. It said that the use of safe drinking water and the implementation of general hygiene practices and other preventive measures should be sufficient to prevent further spread of the disease.