Hospitals Review

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2015 Hospitals Review
  • The payer-provider relationship in Latin America
  • US hospital and healthcare trends
  • Provider networks versus ad hoc billing
  • International departments – are they the answer to hospitals’ problems?
  • Pricing transparency: the fight for clearer costings
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ITIJ issue 161 - Hospitals Review
  • Are electronic medical records worth the effort?
  • A how-to guide to direct billing agreements
  • Claims payments: developing business practices that help insurers and hospitals better work together
  • Advice for hospitals on working with assistance companies
  • Evaluating the importance of international hospital accreditation
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ITIJ issue 149 - Hospitals Review
  • Smooth operations: how can hospitals and assistance companies better work together?
  • Fraud: a multi-casualty crime
  • Bundled payments: a solution for controlling costs and improving quality?
  • Managing differences in expectations of care
  • Do some medical providers have a market brand larger than their quality stand?


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ITIJ issue 137 - Hospitals review
  • Rising costs in the Alps 
  • A day in the life of … a provider network manager
  • Are DRGs the solution for global hospital pricing transparency? 
  • The work of the new Global Health Care Anti-Fraud Network (GHCAN) 
  • What are UK NHS hospitals doing to re-coup some of the costs owed to them from international patients? 
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Issue 128 - Hospitals Review
2011 Hospitals Review – PDF download
  • Setting up an ‘international department’ within a hospital: the considerations 
  • The real figures behind the US’s medical tourism industry 
  • How the right policy wording can protect an international travel insurer from abusive billing practices 
  • International hospital accreditation: what it is and what it isn’t 
  • Bed shortages in Canada 
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