Cost Containment Review

2017 Cost Containment Review


  • Taking everything into account - A holistic approach to cost containment
  • Medicare, Obamacare, Trumpcare - US regulatory changes abound
  • Out with the old - PPOs – are their days numbered?
  • A valuable proposition - Second medical opinions
  • Million-dollar babies - Keeping out of the operating theatre

Price is, naturally, a key focus for international travel insurers – from the price paid for insureds’ medical care to the costs involved in fraud detection. Keeping costs at a manageable level, then, is paramount to maintaining a viable business and for the stability of the wider industry. Methods of cost control, trends in international pricing, and how best to meet the challenges faced by rising costs are all explored in ITIJ’s Cost Containment Review.

2016 Cost Containment Review

2016 Cost Containment Review


  • Cash is king - what's happening with the emerging cash economy
  • In search of value - embracing value-based payment models
  • What's the deal with the US?
  • Doing it for themselves - moving cost containment processes in-house
  • Rising rand - the state of play in South Africa

2015 Cost Containment Review


  • Education, education, education
  • The odd world of audits
  • ¡¿Cuánto cuesta?!
  • A win-win situation
  • IPMI: a focus on North America

2014 Cost Containment Review


  • A plea for clear and strong policy wording from underwriters
  • The cost-saving value of wellness programmes
  • Measuring the efficacy of your cost containment partner
  • Achieving meaningful cost containment in Russia
  • The proliferation of Emergency Care Clinics in the Near East

2013 Cost Containment Review


  • How IPMI providers can best balance quality care with cost control
  • Warning: improper billing ahead! Keeping an eye on hospital bills
  • World focus: Panama
  • Medical management: the ultimate form of cost containment?
  • Word to the wise: how policy wording can contain costs before claims come in

2012 Cost Containment Review


  • The key, the secret: could DRGs be the answer for international cost savings
  • Incredible Indian costs: international patients are easy targets
  • When l’hopital is the wrong destination: keeping tourists out of the ER
  • Who’s afraid of silent PPOs? – travel insurers need to examine their contracts
  • Costly care: price increases mean more pressurerect patients to the most appropriate care