Air Ambulance Review

2018 Air Ambulance Review #1


  • Where others fear to tread
  • Drugs across borders
  • Transport transfusion
  • At the cutting edge
  • The importance of structured decision-making

The Air Ambulance Review focuses on current issues in the global aeromedical industry, providing analysis of current trends and thinking on key topics. From determining fitness-to-fly to patient handovers, and from transporting infectious patients to working with assistance providers, the Air Ambulance Review is full of debate on critical subjects at the heart of the global air ambulance industry.

2017 Air Ambulance Review

2017 Air Ambulance Review


  • ICU bed delays
  • Aeromedical crew security
  • Better patient handovers
  • Validated SMS
  • Determining fitness to fly

2016 Air Ambulance Review


  • Transporting obese patients
  • CRM: making ‘safe’ safer
  • The evolution of aeromedical simulation training
  • Antenatal evacuation
  • How well do you know your air ambulance provider

2015 Air Ambulance Review


  • Ebloa special report
  • Repatriating patients with serious brain injuries
  • Fly baby – moving neonates
  • Holistic care in the air: patient relaxation the natural way
  • Rules and regulations – the detail behind the new EASA flight and duty time limitations

2014 Air Ambulance Review


  • Fitness to fly – an old problem with new solutions
  • Air ambulance evacuations form conflict zones
  • Nepal – investigating unnecessary rescue flights and inflated bills
  • Moving patients in 2014 – the latest onboard technology and kit
  • Choosing the right aircraft for the job

2013 Air Ambulance Review


  • Intensive care in the air
  • Liability for fitness to fly
  • Safety: what is ‘gold standard’
  • Through the looking glass: transparency in the global air ambulance industry
  • Can mergers bring happiness ever after?