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Holidaymakers jumping into water
01 August 2019

Holidays that involve water slides and diving into shallow water could be life changing in more ways than one, a spinal surgeon has warned.

Booking an airfare
31 July 2019

New Zealand-based airfare comparison website Jettzy claims to offer lower prices than many competitors in the market by removing what it calls ‘airfare location discrimination’.

Pigs swimming in the Bahamas
31 July 2019

New research has highlighted the trips that are top of family bucket lists, with Disney World coming out on top (of the world).

Travelling to Europe
31 July 2019

VisitorsCoverage, a travel insurtech company based in the US, has announced that it has upgraded its Europe Travel Plus policy, and made it available to US citizens travelling to Europe.

identity theft
31 July 2019

The University of Texas at Austin Center for Identity has released the 2019 International Identity Theft Assessment and Prediction Report.

Living the life of luxury
31 July 2019

P J Hayman and Company has announced the launch of a new travel insurance scheme that provides travel cancellation coverage of up to £500,000 for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Beware of ticks sign
30 July 2019

The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared for marketing four previously cleared tests with new indications to aid in the diagnosis of Lyme disease. 

30 July 2019

A Florida-based insurance agency that has been offering alien abduction coverage to the good people of planet Earth since 1987 has recently added Area 51 Coverage.

Grandparents and grandchildren enjoying a holiday
30 July 2019

Saga has released the results of a new readers poll suggesting that the ‘skip generation’ holiday, a trip where grandparents take their grandchildren but the parents stay behind, is increasing in popularity.

Inside a hospital
30 July 2019

New research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute has found that drug-resistant bacteria is spreading through hospitals in Europe, and it is hoped the results of the study will help control the spread of infections.