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11 August 2010

Saas-Fee in the summer In further confirmation of the suggestion that while on holiday, tourists tend to take part in more risky activities than they would do at home, yet another British holidaymaker has perished this summer.

04 August 2010

Air traffic controllersResearch shows that Spain still tops the list of holiday destinations in Europe for Brits, but a summer of love could be seriously disrupted by the news that Spain’s air traffic controllers have voted to take strike action.

02 August 2010

On strike placardSix days after it began, the strike by truck drivers in Greece that has brought the country almost to a grinding halt has been called off as the protestors agreed to enter into talks with the government.

27 July 2010

Map of GreeceA strike by truck drivers and a protest by air traffic controllers in Greece are likely to bring more misery for travellers over the coming weeks.

26 July 2010

MSC Splendida at Genoa port in 2009A Spanish tourist has died and another was seriously injured after the gangway that was leading them from the port quay to their cruise ship, the MSC Splendida, gave way, plunging them both into the water.

26 July 2010

Fire fighting plane over MarseillesOn 24 July, around 2,000 holidaymakers had to be evacuated from the path of a blazing forest fire that was nearing their campsite near Marseille, southern France

26 July 2010

Love Parade 2006The Love Parade, a techno music festival held in the German city of Duisberg, ended in tragedy on 25 July, after 19 people were crushed to death in a tunnel that led to the party.

22 July 2010

Emtpy planeThe recent collapse of yet another package holiday group in the UK is predicted to cost the government-backed consumer protection scheme – the Air Travel Trust scheme – close to £20 million in repatriation and refund costs.