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Man clutching his heart
13 August 2019

New research from provider of health benefits and services Cigna Europe has found that there is a lack of awareness among UK people regarding detecting and addressing heart health problems and symptoms.

Man using smartphone
12 August 2019

AllClear has found that people seeking travel insurance while travelling with pre-existing medical conditions are still being underserved by parts of the insurance industry and there remains more to be done.

life buoy
12 August 2019

Thomas Cook has managed to secure £150 million winter funding from bondholders, in addition to the £750 million package agreed with Chinese tourism firm Fosun.

Woman on a cruise ship
12 August 2019

New data from travel insurance comparison site Compare travel insurance, has found that 82 per cent of Australians are unsure whether they are covered by Medicare when on a cruise in domestic waters.

AI in healthcare
09 August 2019

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is setting up a national artificial intelligence laboratory to improve patient care and enhance research.

travel insurance
09 August 2019

Market research firm YouGov has released its latest whitepaper, which provides an in-depth look at how different groups of Americans approach insurance, and how providers can utilise this information to maximise sales and retention.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.
08 August 2019

Figures from the World Travel Monitor show that incoming tourism to Germany enjoyed a strong first half of 2019, with a rise of 3.7 per cent compared with 2018.

awards trophy
08 August 2019

Now in its sixth year running, we once again welcome the annual results of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards – recognising those who provide the very best of travel insurance to Australia.

Air passengers waiting for their flights
08 August 2019

Travel insurtech Pluto has announced a new partnership with Blink, a provider of real-time flight disruption solutions.

Person using app
07 August 2019

A new app is aiming to help make healthcare fast, easy and accessible. The DocHQ app offers a symptom checker service, the location of nearby healthcare resources and facilities and discounts on nutritional and health products from established brands.