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Travel news

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Map of Canada
06 November 2018

A Travel Health Insurance Association (THiA) of Canada survey has found that Canadians are favouring domestic travel over travel to the US.

A plane on top of a calculator.
06 November 2018

According to new statistics released by international business payments company Caxton FX, business travel could be landing UK companies with hidden costs of as much as 10-per-cent extra.

A car piled with holiday belongings.
05 November 2018

Three international tourism organisations have declared a strategic partnership, through which they plan to collaborate and invest on driving sustainable tourism.

Millenials using smartphones
02 November 2018

A new study has found that most travellers aged 18-35 value travel over other pleasures in life,

Car tyres on winter road
01 November 2018

WalletHub has released its 2018’s Best Winter Holiday Destinations report, revealing the top three cold US destinations for winter travel.

Raining seen from inside of a car
31 October 2018

According to civil protection authorities, 11 people have been killed by storms in Italy, while the rains and violent winds have left motorists and tourists stranded in other parts of Europe.

Time is running out ... for Brexit!
29 October 2018

A new poll conducted by cruise companies Scenic and Emerald Waterways has found that a worrying proportion of British travellers are ignorant of the potential impact of Brexit on travel to Europe.

25 October 2018

According to a new survey, residents of Iceland travelled significantly less often within their own country during summer this year.

A volcano.
25 October 2018

Volcanologists have conducted new research that could help to reduce the effect of volcanic ash on air travel.

Young ladies booking a holiday.
24 October 2018

According to research by Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance in the UK, one in 10 Brits have already booked their summer holiday for 2019.

Exploding fireworks, one shaped like a cannabis leaf.
23 October 2018

The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada has released the results of a survey showing that some Canadians are unsure of the implications of travelling while in possession of marijuana.