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Travel insurance

Top industry-specific travel insurance trends and analysis from around the globe, plus the latest international headlines on issues directly affecting the industry.

Some adorable pets
22 February 2019

Southern Cross Pet Insurance has released some of its weirder claims data for 2018.

Waiting passenger checks their insurance
18 February 2019

As of 16 February, operations for British Midland Regional Limited – also known as flybmi – ceased, and large numbers of passengers have rushed to check whether they have Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) coverage following their flight cancellations from and to the UK and within Europe. 

Professionals gather at a medical centre
15 February 2019

Research conducted by medical travel insurance comparison website Medical Travel Compared has revealed that large numbers of British travellers are foregoing travel insurance due to steep pricing and perceived insufficient cover options.

Spring breakers frolic in the sea.
14 February 2019

Canada’s federal Government has issued an advisory to Canadians planning on taking a spring break trip; one of the many tips strongly suggests that they should purchase travel insurance.

Chinese tourists with their luggage
12 February 2019

Chinese travellers are purchasing travel insurance at higher rates than ever before, according to a new report from China-based online travel agency Ctrip International Ltd.

Enjoying a cruise holiday
11 February 2019

According to the results of the latest annual cruise survey by travel insurance comparison engine InsureMyTrip, falling ill or becoming injured was the top worry for cruise passengers in the US.

A snowy winter scene
11 February 2019

Allianz Travel Insurance has released some of its claims data for the 2018/2019 winter storm season as a warning to holidaymakers. 

Passports on a Union Jack
11 February 2019

According to Sainsbury's Bank Travel Insurance, 1.4 million British travellers have forgotten important documents before heading off on holiday.

traveller panoramic view
08 February 2019

The four most popular international destinations for US travellers who purchased travel insurance over the past year have been released, with Africa coming top.

Insurance policy
05 February 2019

Tifgroup has responded to allegations published in the 20th November 2018 issue of The Times (London) which were reported in the December 2018 issue of ITIJ.

ITIJ February 2019 issue out now
05 February 2019

In ITIJ’s February issue, we get the latest thinking from the global insurance and tourism industries on the challenges of implementing and maintaining mandatory travel cover schemes in various countries; we look at how raising consumer awareness around what travel insurance covers – and doesn’t