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20 January 2010

Holidaymakers who have flights booked with British Airways in the next few months are in for a rough ride, as the company's cabin crew has announced they are to vote again in a ballot on industrial action

14 January 2010

A massive earthquake struck the Caribbean island nation of Haiti on Tuesday 12 January, devastating the capital city of Port-au-Prince and killing tens of thousands of people

21 December 2009

Eurostar has been forced to cancel nearly all its cross-channel trains from 19 December until 21 December, after extremely cold weather in France and the UK led to trains breaking down

18 December 2009

Two British law graduates have been acquitted of insurance fraud by Brazil's High Court - just four months after they were convicted

07 December 2009

A series of armed attacks on tourists have prompted two cruise lines to halt certain land-based excursions in the Bahamas. Charlotte Hodgman has the details

25 November 2009

Client non-disclosure is an issue that haunts travel insurers, but a recent case in the UK has prompted one member of parliament to say that the duty should be placed on the insurer to ask the right questions. Mandy Aitchison has the full story

19 November 2009

Two British nationals were kidnapped by Somali pirates from their yacht, the Lynn Rival, as they sailed from the Seychelles to Tanzania at the end of October

19 November 2009

Online broker QuoteWright has been awarded the Connecticut Better Business Bureau's 2009 excellence in Consumer Education award at the Bureau's Annual Meeting Awards Banquet

12 November 2009

The team at the International Travel Insurance Journal would like to formally congratulate all the winners from last week's ITIJ Awards Ceremony - all the recipients of the awards were companies that have shown their experience, innovation and dedication to their industries.

22 October 2009

The South Pacific is still reeling from two natural disasters that struck within hours of each other at the end of September. Charlotte Hodgman reports on the aftermath of the tragedies

15 October 2009

Exclusive UK bank Coutts has been in the headlines recently after it was forced to reinstate full travel insurance cover for one of its credit card holders who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.