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16 April 2010

Following days of inactivity over UK, European and Scandinavian airspace, after the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, leaving hundreds of thousands of travellers stranded, travel insurers and airlines were deluged by claims for delays and cancellation of flights and package holidays as a result

15 April 2010

Volcanic eruption around the Eyjafjallajökull volcano area in IcelandAirline passengers across Scotland and northern England are facing massive disruption, as an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves towards the UK

07 April 2010

On 7 April, the Thai Government declared a state of emergency. As a result, the FCO has updated its advice to people travelling to the area

01 April 2010

Following on from the launch of takaful travel insurance policies, the travel insurance industry has shown yet again that it is on the cutting edge of new product development, with the launch of Jedi travel cover

01 April 2010

A British man on holiday in Turkey has had his travel insurance claim denied after his travel insurance company said he had provided inaccurate information on his application form

29 March 2010

Two female suicide bombers have blown themselves up on the Moscow underground rail system during rush hour on the morning of Monday, 29 March, killing at least 35 people and injuring a further 51

22 March 2010

Barack Obama's bitterly fought US healthcare overhaul bill has finally made its difficult path through Congress, bringing with it near-universal coverage to millions of Americans

18 March 2010

Mexican flagThe UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has changed its advice for a certain part of Mexico that has recently experienced an upsurge in the level of drug-related violence.

11 March 2010

UK-based travel provider The Thomas Cook Group has bought travel insurance, airport parking and hotels provider Essential Travel for an undisclosed sum.

08 March 2010

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of six struck eastern Turkey at 4.32 am on Monday 8 March (2.32 am GMT), killing at least 38 people and injuring more than 60 others.