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Travel insurance

Top industry-specific travel insurance trends and analysis from around the globe, plus the latest international headlines on issues directly affecting the industry.

Some travellers trapped in an airport, not having fun.
17 October 2018

A recent survey from has found that as many as 90 per cent of travellers have experienced some variety of mishap while travelling abroad.

A television.
16 October 2018

CEGA’s Special Investigations division is due to contribute to an episode of the 10th series of the BBC’s Claimed and Shamed.

A woman looking up important insurance information on the web.
09 October 2018

The Association of British Insurers has announced that it is expanding its Insurance Experiments consumer education initiative to cover travel issues.

A holidaying snowboarder pulling off some fairly radical moves.
08 October 2018

Nearly half of UK travellers planning on heading on a winter sports holiday believe that travel insurance would be prohibitively expensive if they declared their pre-existing medical conditions.

Cards representing the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU.
05 October 2018

New research by MedicalTravelCompared has found that UK travellers are increasingly concerned about the impact that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would have on their ability to travel within Europe.

A parked plane.
05 October 2018

Assist America has offered some advice to travellers affected by the collapse of Primera Air.

A skull and crossbones against lines of code.
04 October 2018

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK has fined healthcare giant Bupa after an investigation into a Bupa employee who uploaded customers’ data to the dark web to sell.

A board showing cancelled flights.
02 October 2018

Danish-registered airline Primera Air ceased all operations at midnight last night and is expected to declare bankruptcy, stranding many UK travellers overseas.

A man skiing.
01 October 2018

ITIJ can exclusively reveal that a majority of British winter sport holidaymakers would welcome an app that would enable them to find appropriate travel insurance cover.

A New Zealand passport on a globe next to New Zealand.
28 September 2018

Record numbers of New Zealanders are reportedly travelling overseas, with the US a particularly favoured destination, according to Silicon Valley-based insurtech VisitorsCoverage.

A plane.
27 September 2018

Two US airlines are facing possible class action lawsuits over what is alleged as the deceptive marketing practices they use to sell optional add-on travel insurance policies.