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Virtual doctor app
23 August 2019

Medical Travel Compared is collaborating with the GP On Demand app to provide travellers with 24-hour access to a doctor. 

How much!?
23 August 2019

We bring you statistics from over-50s travel insurance provider Staysure, revealing some of the most expensive countries in which to have the misfortune of requiring medical treatment.

Millennials on mobile phones
23 August 2019

Insurtech startup Cuvva, which is based in the UK, has launched a new single trip travel insurance product through its mobile app.

Graffiti about pickpockets
22 August 2019

A wave of crime in Barcelona, Spain, has prompted authorities to warn residents and tourists to exercise extra vigilance.

NASA image of Amazon wildfire
22 August 2019

Raging wildfires are occurring in both the Amazon rainforest and the Canary Islands this week, with parts of the Brazilian rainforest being consumed by fires so large that they can be seen from space and 12,000 hectares of the western slopes of Gran Canaria left charred after being engulfed by flames and gusting winds.

A woman with a broken ankle receives her medical bill
21 August 2019

Some alarming figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have highlighted the staggering cost of medical treatment that UK travellers accrue when abroad.

Bank holiday weekend
21 August 2019

New research from American Express has revealed some interesting findings about the cost of bank holiday breaks.

Surfing in a tranquil holiday destination, protected by travel insurance.
20 August 2019

A new study from the US Travel Insurance Association suggests that consumers in the US are spending as much as $4 billion on travel insurance annually.

Dubai skyline
16 August 2019

Travel management company American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has signed a deal with Kanoo Travel, which is a travel management network in the Middle East.

Mosquito close up
16 August 2019

Burundi is continuing to experience a ‘very high incidence’ of malaria cases across Burundi.