Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

Polio advice updated
04 September 2018

Experts have agreed that the risk of international spread of poliovirus continues to constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

New yellow fever vaccination campaign
03 September 2018

According to news reports, the Republic of the Congo is launching a vaccination drive in response to an outbreak of yellow fever. It is reported that so far this year there have been more than 180 suspected cases and one confirmed case of the virus.

Precautions to prevent measles spread
31 August 2018

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) in the US has highlighted that the recent news about an international tourist with measles who visited Santa Monica has underlined the potential risk of an outbreak of the disease.

 Malaria travel guidelines updates
30 August 2018

The South African authorities have reviewed the risk areas for malaria transmission in the country, which has resulted in changes to guidance for UK travellers.

Rising temperatures mean more outbreaks
29 August 2018

The Guardian has reported that Europe faces a growing threat of tropical disease outbreaks as temperatures increase.

Dengue on the increase in Sri Lanka
24 August 2018

According to Sri Lanka's Epidemiology Unit, 41 people have died and more than 36,000 people have been infected by dengue fever across Sri Lanka so far this year. 

Travellers warned of Chagas in Brazil
23 August 2018

In Pará, Brazil, there has been a cluster of Chagas disease cases believed to be related to the consumption of tainted acai berries.

Measles at a record high in Europe
21 August 2018

According to the World Health Organization, measles cases across Europe have reached a record high.

Measles on cruise ship
16 August 2018

Passengers onboard a ship that cruised from Vancouver to Seward have been advised to be alert for measles symptoms.

Travellers lack awareness of diseases
13 August 2018

A recent survey has found that there is low awareness of endemic diseases among people travelling to international destinations.

First antimalarial drug in 18 years
10 August 2018

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first antimalarial drug in nearly 20 years.