Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

26 February 2016

Sickweather, a US startup company that specialises in real-time disease surveillance and forecast provision for 20-plus symptoms and illnesses, recently released its new Sickweather Pro app.

19 February 2016

According to new research that was conducted in Cambodia by a team of Cambodian and French scientists, a previously held notion about dengue fever has been overturned.

15 February 2016

A new study from a team at the University of Arizona in the US has found that international travel – along with trade – can be listed as being among the most efficient methods of spreading infectious diseases

09 February 2016

According to Tyrol Air Ambulance (TAA) of Austria, the most conditions frequently seen on its shuttle flights from the Mediterranean are strokes, brain haemorrhage; pneumonia; tumour and chronic pain patients; fractures and abdominal operations.

04 February 2016

The world’s most expensive hospital beds can cost more than a luxurious apartment, with sick or injured travellers paying nearly AU$900 a night for treatment, it has been revealed.

01 February 2016

Findings of the Travel Vaccines Study have shown that of the surveyed 1,000 Australians travelling to South America and South America, only 46 per cent sought health advice before heading off on their trip, and 23 per cent sought no health information or advice whatsoever.

20 January 2016

An independent panel of health experts, whose report was published in health journal The Lancet, have said that the international response to the Ebola epidemic was ‘too slow’.

18 January 2016

A new report has suggested that the Asia-Pacific region faces a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents.

14 January 2016

Scientists in the US have reportedly bred a new genetically modified species of mosquito that may prove crucial in the fight against malaria

06 January 2016

Vietnam’s Preventive Medicine Department has warned that, with a new strain of avian influenza A (H7N9) having been reported in China, there is a risk of the disease spreading across borders.

06 January 2016

Dr Tim Hammond, chief medical officer with international travel assistance and risk management company CEGA, has offered some health tips for expatriates