Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

27 July 2016

Insurance Business Canada is warning of a possible increase in insurance premiums due to the discovery of a second Zika-carrying mosquito species in Brazil.

15 July 2016

The Zika epidemic will burn itself out in three years, claims new research from scientists working at Imperial College London, UK.

13 July 2016

Studies have found the presence of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria in the waters of Rio de Janeiro.

21 June 2016

 Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. and GeneOne Life Science Inc. that they had received approval to initiate a phase one human trial of Inovio’s Zika DNA vaccine

17 June 2016

Nearly half of Americans believe that the Olympic Games in Rio this summer should be cancelled or delayed

16 June 2016

WHO have concluded that there is very low risk of further international spread of the Zika virus as a result of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio

26 May 2016

The World Health Organization has said that there is a ‘low to moderate’ risk that the Zika virus may reach Europe this summer, although it is not currently issuing any new travel advice or restrictions.

18 April 2016

A temporary recommendation from Public Health England (PHE) for travellers heading to Greece to seek out vaccinations for hepatitis A has been lifted.

15 April 2016

While government investment in space travel has declined, private interests are expressing increasing interest in the potential of off-planet trips.

08 April 2016

UK-based telehealth organisation Now Healthcare Group (Now Healthcare) recently delivered a GP consultation to a patient who was flying at 35,000 feet on a long-haul flight to Dubai.

14 March 2016

The United Nations has revealed its new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to make a better world with targets for 2030. In response, the World Health Organization launched an analysis of global health trends