Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

Young girl being vaccinated
22 May 2019

New research conducted by the Bruno Kessler Foundation and Bocconi University in Italy and published in BMC Medicine has found that compulsory measles vaccines for all children starting primary school may be required to prevent a resurgence of the disease.

Measles warning
20 May 2019

Dr Ferdinand de Guzman, Head of Family Medicine at San Lazaro Hospital in Manila, and Professor Leonila Dans of the University of the Philippines, highlight the severity of the measles outbreak in the Phillippines.

Woman on phone
10 May 2019

Social networking service Instagram has said that it will block hashtags that spread misinformation about vaccination.

Woman sunbathing on a beach
07 May 2019

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued health tips to help keep travellers safe and well during their time away.

Woman blowing nose
03 May 2019

There have already been 33,000 confirmed flu cases since the beginning of the year, which suggests that this year’s season will be worse than that of 2018.

29 April 2019

A landmark pilot vaccination programme has been launched in Malawi, Africa.

Washing hands
26 April 2019

The World Health Organization (WHO) is set to launch its annual hand hygiene campaign to increase global importance of hand washing for healthcare workers.

World Malaria Day
25 April 2019

On World Malaria Day Healix International has highlighted the importance of employers taking preventative measures for employees travelling to high-risk zones.

Graph showing increase
17 April 2019

New research has found that there has been an uptick in vaccine preventable diseases in Venezuela.

Forbidden sign with virus particle
16 April 2019

Metabiota has launched a new tracker that can monitor infectious disease threats on a global scale.

Measles vaccination
11 April 2019

A public health emergency has been declared in New York in the US due to a growing outbreak of measles.