Global travel health news and disease outbreak coverage.

Measles vaccine
30 October 2018

Government data has found the epidemic has reached a total number of cases of 2,192 and has caused 12 deaths.

Word polio highlighted in dictionary
29 October 2018

The polio outbreak warning has been updated in five countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Somalia and Syria. 

A mosquito.
26 October 2018

As many as 140 people in the Indian city of Jaipur have been infected with Zika virus, the biggest outbreak that the country has seen to date.

Tokyo skyline with Mount Fuji in the background.
24 October 2018

A sharp increase in cases of rubella in Japan has prompted a warning from health authorities.

An ill person going to the bathroom.
22 October 2018

Tour operator Tui is facing group legal action from a number of British holidaymakers who became ill during trips to Mexico’s Riviera Maya region back in 2016.

Ebola outbreak map
18 October 2018

Following a meeting of an expert advisory, it has been determined that the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is not a global emergency.

Rostrum in conference hall
17 October 2018

WHO experts will meet today to determine whether the current Ebola outbreak in eastern DRC constitutes a global health emergency.

Corsica map.
15 October 2018

A human case of West Nile virus has been reported in Corsica, France after the individual visited the island on holiday.

Cracked concrete
11 October 2018

Due to the recent earthquake and tsunami, travellers to Central Sulawesi may experience serious health and safety risks, and medical care may not be available.

Digitised map of Europe with tracking dots.
09 October 2018

As of 20 September 2018, 1,505 confirmed and probable locally acquired human West Nile Virus (WNV) infections had been reported by European countries.

Rat on plate
08 October 2018

A man in Hong Kong has been diagnosed with a form of hepatitis E that was previously found only in rats.