17 April 2017

The European Centre for Disease prevention and Control (ECDC) has provided an update on the measles situation in Europe, in which an ongoing outbreak in Romania was highlighted, with a total of 3,799 measles cases reported between September 2016 and 17 March 2017.

12 April 2017

Global leaders in the fight against antibiotic resistance gathered in Brisbane recently for the Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections (SDRI) conference.

31 March 2017

Stan Sandberg, co-founder of online travel insurance comparison website, has explained to consumers how to protect against norovirus on cruises.

24 March 2017

Following a norovirus outbreak that has sickened several people across three provinces in Canada, several oyster farms have been shut down.

24 March 2017

In Fiji, health and medical services minister Rosy Akbar has asked the local population for their help in preventing the further spread of dengue fever.

14 March 2017 has highlighted the need for those travelling with epilepsy to declare it as a pre-existing medical condition when buying travel insurance cover.

14 March 2017

Following a recent increase in cases of yellow fever, Intana Global is urging companies that need to send their staff to Brazil to take measures and precautions.

10 March 2017

AIG Travel has shared tips to help travellers ride out peak flu season.

09 March 2017

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has warned that Brazil yellow fever could spread and pose serious disease-control challenges

08 March 2017

Travellers from Western Australia are being asked to take part in a study to find out whether or not warnings about infection risks will make them take better care of themselves while abroad. 

20 February 2017

Sickweather has outlined challenges and opportunities in using social media for public health surveillance.