16 January 2017

New research has linked chronic psychological stress with a heightened risk of developing heart disease and stroke.

13 January 2017

Dr Pete Vincent of Netcare Travel Clinics and Tokai Medicross has advised vigilance following an outbreak of typhoid in Zimbabwe.

11 January 2017

Two Taiwanese tourists contracted chikungunya fever after visiting Indonesia last month.

03 January 2017

New research from Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) has revealed that Kiwis are unaware of the costs that come with a medical emergency overseas.

19 December 2016

A new campaign aims to prompt Irish long-haul travellers to be more proactive about their travel health.

15 December 2016

Although flu activity is on the rise in the US, only 40 per cent of Americans have received a flu shot.

08 December 2016

New research has found that millions of Brits are getting sunburnt in winter resorts.

25 November 2016

WHO no longer rates Zika as a public health emergency but the threat of the virus endures.

07 October 2016

A new study has found that lower socio-economic households tend to travel further than high socio-economic households to access the same quality care.

21 September 2016

New research sheds light on viral disease in India.

16 September 2016

Outbreak fears have prompted the Thai Red Cross Society to issue free rabies vaccinations.