Trip Mate partnership to simplify tour operations

Aeroplane on a map

Generali Global Assistance North America subsidiary Trip Mate is partnering with GroupCollect

The travel insurance provider’s services will now be provided through GroupCollect’s platform as an add-on for tour providers as one of several options to increase revenue streams.

As such, GroupCollect and Trip Mate can provide tour operators with a service that streamlines the process of group tour registration along with travel insurance add-ons that help keep group travellers safe.

Kelly P. Sahner, Chief Commercial Officer at Trip Mate, said that the partnership is a natural fit for both brands. “GroupCollect provides assistance to tour operators by simplifying the onboarding process for groups, while Trip Mate provides GroupCollect’s customers with the tools needed to help keep those group tours, frequently organised by schools, safe,” she stated.

Corey Black, CEO and Co-Founder of GroupCollect, also commented on the partnership: “We’re excited to partner with Trip Mate to continue helping tour operators easily and effectively run their business. Tour providers can leave the complicated spreadsheets behind and use our services to simplify the group tour onboarding process and increase their revenue streams by providing travel insurance and other add-ons to passengers.”

The partnership was brokered by Travmark Insurance.