Tourist hotspot costs

Restaurant in Paris

Hotel booking platform DayBreakHotels has ranked seven major tourist cities on the cost of holiday expenses, revealing that Paris is officially the most expensive city in the world to be a tourist

The company assessed Rome, Berlin, Dubai, London, Milan, New York and Paris, and ranked them based on the average costs of the following: single hotel room, airport transfers, tourist attractions, fine dining, mid-range meal, cheap meal, and beer. Paris’ average total cost overall was found to be £651.20, making it the most expensive city, followed by New York at a total cos of £526.34 and then Milan (£443.23).

The cheapest city overall was found to be Rome (£333.90), which is where tourists can find the lowest priced cheap meal, at a cost of £7.27, which seems particularly cheap given that the average cost of a cheap meal in Paris is £17.09 (the most expensive of the seven cities). The second least expensive overall is Berlin (£342.98) followed closely by Dubai (£348.68).

Berlin was found to be the cheapest city for sightseeing, with an average cost of nothing as most tourist picks can be experienced free of charge. In addition, Berlin boasts the cheapest beer at an average cost of £3.14 and the cheapest single hotel room (£137.10); the makings of a great holiday!

Dubai was found to be the cheapest for fine dining at £62, compared to an average cost of £192.80 in Paris. But for those wanting to drink, Dubai is the most expensive city when it comes to the cost of beer (£9.00), and tourists should also be mindful of the laws surrounding excessive drinking and disorderly behaviour.

DayBreakHotels’ Chief Marketing Officer, Matteo Cellini, commented on the findings: “Our research paints a really interesting picture of the tourism landscape in these popular international cities. Paris is incredibly popular, yet is by far the least affordable when it comes to staying somewhere central and eating out. Those travelling to Paris would do well to stay nearer the edge of the city and self-catering, perhaps visiting a fancy hotel for the day or treating themselves to one or two high-end meals. We were interested to see London fall in the middle. London proves expensive for airport transfers and tourist attractions; but when it comes to eating out, the UK’s capital is trumped by other ‘foodie’ cities in continental Europe.”