Pushing the boat out … safely

Woman on sunny cruise ship

How can those planning a cruise ensure their travels are as safe and enjoyable as possible?

Sailing the seven seas in a luxurious boat, sun on your skin, wind in your hair … sounds nice, doesn’t it? And more and more people tend to agree, with the number of ocean cruises taken by UK and Irish passengers having now exceeded the two million mark for the first time. But what of dangers in the form of, for example, food poisoning, a broken arm or even sharks?

Allianz Assistance in the UK has issued some advice for those planning to go on a cruise, to ensure their travels are as safe and enjoyable as possible. A common misconception is that travellers don’t need travel insurance while on a cruise. The reality is that they need specific cover that adequately meets their needs. “Getting the right policy in place is vital to ensuring you’re not going to be left high and dry in the event of unforeseen circumstances,” Kate Walker, Head of Direct for Allianz Assistance UK, warned travellers.

Walker recommends cruise travel insurance so that travellers can rest assured they are protected – for example, if they are confined to their cabin due to illness or injury. “Cabin confinement cover will pay you up to the limit of your policy,” Walker explained. “It will also provide this cover when the on-board doctor advises you not to leave your cabin due to a medical situation on board the ship.”

Further advice is for travellers to shop around for the best policy. With many insurers offering cruise cover add-ons, there are effective options for travellers to be comprehensively covered at a reasonable cost.

And with that, let’s all cruise towards the sunset, trouble free.